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Horse/Rider Mileage Incentive Program


ATRA Rider & Horse Mileage Program Information

ATRA sponsors a mileage program to recognize a rider’s and/or equine’s mileage on ATRA pleasure rides.

This annual program begins December 1 of each year. The first presentation of awards was at the January 1988 membership meeting and has continued at each January membership meeting thereafter.

The program consists of following awards: RIDER AWARDS HORSE AWARDS
100 miles - Patch 100 miles - Certificate
250 miles - Patch 250 miles - Certificate
500 miles - Patch & Plaque 500 miles - Plaque
A patch and/or plaque will be given for each additional increment of 500 miles until the rider and/or horse reaches 2000 miles.
2000 miles - Patch/Plaque & T-shirt 2000 miles - Plaque & Award Halter
3000 miles - Patch/Plaque & Cap 3000 miles - Saddle Pad
4000 miles - Patch 4000 miles - Breast Harness
5000 miles - Patch & Jacket 5000 miles - Trailer Sheet

In addition, a High Mileage Award is presented at each January membership meeting to both rider and horse for the most miles ridden during the previous calendar year. If there is a tie, then each rider and horse will receive an award consisting of a patch and a plaque.

The following are guidelines for participation in these awards program:

Awards will be based upon a rider’s/horse’s total mileage ridden upon completion of an approved ATRA ride. An approved ATRA ride is scheduled with the Ride Chair and all members are notified (generally by email, in the Horseman’s Round-Up, on Facebook, on the ATRA Yahoo Group, and/or on the ATRA website).

The rider must actually ride a horse on the group ride (it is the rider's responsibility to stay with the ATRA group(s)) for mileage to count for the rider and/or horse. Mileage will be estimated by time at 3.5 miles per hour when the exact mileage is not known by the Ride Leader.

Rider must be a current paid member of ATRA.

Mileage will not be accumulated prior to the rider’s/horse’s enrollment in the program.

The horse must be owned or leased by a current paid member of ATRA.

An annual enrollment fee for the rider and horse is required to defray the costs of the program.

Riders are responsible for taking mileage forms to each approved ATRA ride, having the Ride Leader sign the mileage form, putting name and date of ride on the mileage form and sending the mileage form to the Mileage Chairman for tabulation.




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